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AWAKEN YOUR HIGHER SELF and live your life with confidence without feeling like your all alone on your spiritual journey

Join a community of like minded spirit traveler lead by oracle of the divine Tamra LaRese

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Tamra LaRese

Cosmic Medium & Oracle of the Divine

Interacting with the spirit realm was always part of my family’s story…

From visitation of relatives who had passed to messages from those not born yet, I grew up comfortable in the knowledge that there was more to this world than could be seen.

My first experience connecting to the spirit realm happened suddenly during a car ride with my family.

We were on vacation, and everything was going well. My parents were happily chatting with us from the front seat when my father mentioned that as a family we would be together forever. As soon as the words left his mouth, the world outside our car dissolved into a picture of our future where the forever he had promised just didn’t exist. I knew soon enough our family would be torn apart. 

The eventual separation of my family would begin decades of trauma that I would spend years trying to unravel.

My Personal Crossroads

I had tried everything, from meditation and emotional coaching to traditional therapy and prescription drugs. While all of those things would help for a time, the pain would always come back. At the time, I thought this was my lot in life, that I’d constantly have to reapply these treatments and never fully heal from the trauma of my past.

Until one night where everything changed.

I was home alone, sitting in a bath, practicing a new meditation technique to reach the ascended masters. During my session, my spirit guides suddenly became excited and told me that I was being summoned by something much greater.

Meeting the Galactic Federation of Light

I felt myself get to my feet, climb out of the tub, and grabbed a pencil and paper. What flowed from my hand was a cosmic history of my soul. Sprawling across two pages on a legal pad, the messages I received resonated deeply and explained so many things I had only sensed about myself but never had validated.

As quickly as the message started, it stopped. The room was quiet, and I sat there still soaking wet and dumbfounded at what I had just experienced.

Did I make it up? Was I going crazy?

After that night, I searched for everything I could find on the phenomena I had just experienced and what I found will challenge everything you understand about the spirit realm. There are so much more than just the traditional spirit guides you may have heard of in the past. There are angels, spirits, mythical creatures, even galactic beings all in support of humanity through an invisible cosmic connection with our world. They exist to serve our people and guide us in our ascension with divine light. These beings make up the celestial families that watch over us, waiting for the moment when we open our hearts and minds so they can communicate with us directly. Sharing their love, guidance, and empowering perspective that allows us to live our best lives.

Membership Program Summary


Experience the magic of intuitive guidance through  Psychic Readings. With Tamra LaRese's exceptional

psychic abilities and mastery of mediumship ,

you'll receive accurate and profound readings tailored to your specific situation.

Using a unique blend of modalities ranging from tarot to mediumship, and energy work you’ll  gain clarity on life’s important decisions, uncover hidden opportunities, and navigate challenges with confidence. These sessions provide a

safe and sacred space for you to explore

the depths of your soul and

receive divine guidance.









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